Land Use Information and Guidelines

This material is presented for informational purposes only. Herron-Morton Place holds no liability for inaccuracies that may be contained herein. Individuals are urged to contact the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission for complete guidelines as may apply to your project.

Please view the following sub-categories to learn more about the Policies & Procedures of the Herron Morton Place Association.

Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee works with Indianapolis Historic Preservation District (IHPD) to insure new and remodeled housing is appropriate within the neighborhood and liaises Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis (HUNI) organization.

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Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission ("IHPC")

The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission ("IHPC") is responsible for developing plans for local historic areas. Once adopted, the plans become the guide for decisions to preserve the unique historic character of each area and to provide the framework for neighborhood revitalization. This is accomplished through a review process for all exterior modifications, new construction, site improvements, demolition and land use changes within the designated areas.


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HMP Preservation Plan 1986 (Green Book)

The Herron-Morton Place historic plan, adopted in 1986, (Green Book) contains a wealth of information about the neighborhood in addition to historic photos and pictures of all properties as they existed at the time the plan was adopted. Neighbors commonly refer to this as “the Green Book,” because the print edition was distributed in a green 3-ring binder.

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Certificates of Appropriateness

A Certificate of Appropriateness is simply a document that you receive from the IHPC stating the specified work has been approved. A Certificate of Appropriateness is required before most exterior work begins, before a building permit can be issued, and before any variance of development standards, land use variance, or rezoning can be granted.

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Legal Notice Requirements

A legal notice is a document that informs property owners surrounding a project area about a pending application that will be presented at a public hearing. For a pending Certificate of Appropriateness application or Rezoning/Variance application that is scheduled for a public hearing, the applicant is required to contact all property owners within 660 feet or two property owners deep from the property line, whichever is lesser.

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Design Review

Design review is simply the procedure of obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness. The IHPC has three types of approval procedures:

  • Staff Approval
  • Hearing Officer
  • IHPC Hearing

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Design Standards

The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission utilizes design standards as a guide in determining the appropriateness of projects within the Herron-Morton Place Historic Conservation Area. These standards were created in order to preserve and protect the area's historic resources and unique characteristics while allowing for growth and new development.

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Lead Exposure Information

You have probably heard of the dangers of lead poisoning. Compounds containing lead used to be contained in many products that made their way into our environment. Are you curious about lead levels in your residence? Would you like more information?

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