Herron-Morton Place Continues Membership in HUNI

huni_logo_100x100The Herron-Morton Place Association would like to announce our participation in HUNI, an advocacy group supporting the preservation, revitalization and interests of Indianapolis’ urban historic neighborhoods.

The HUNI website (HUNIIndy.org) has a growing amount of information related to historic urban neighborhoods in Indianapolis. The site is a portal allowing neighbors to gain quick access to further information about our local historic neighborhoods, city-wide or state-wide events open to the general public—such as the Historic Neighborhood Walking Tours, home tours, garage sales, and lectures. Additionally, the site also shares information to assist homeowners in researching the history of their home, Indiana Landmarks Top 10 Indiana Endangered List and news articles, such as the recent controversy over electronic billboards.

Head over to HUNIIndy.org today for more information!