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Below you’ll find names of volunteers of both the HMP association and the HMP foundation, more non-HMP links found here.

Foundation Members:

Haley Glover
Foundation President
Joseph Tucker-Edmond
Foundation Treasurer
Andrew Morin
Foundation Board Member
Eric Otto
Foundation Board Member
Kris Bashenow
Foundation Board Member
Anthony Hooks
Foundation Board Member
John Slatten
Foundation Board Member
Dennis Wheeler
Foundation Board Member
Bob Wood
Foundation Board Member

Association Members:

Sandra McGuinness
Association President and Safety & Grievance Chair
Dave Hacker
Vice President, Publicity Chair, and Newsletter Chair
Ruth O’Nell
Association Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, and Board Liaison for Art Fair Committee
Jonna Kelly
Vice Treasurer and Membership Chair
Neil Fitzharris
Social Committee (Formerly Children & Families) Chair
Alice Otto
Neighborhood Clean-Up & Beautification chair
 Jimmy Campbell
Association Board Member and Special committee to Update By-Laws
Kelly de Waal
Association Diversity Chair and Board Liaison for Land Use & Historic Preservation Committee
Alex Polozoff