top 6 ways to help Herron-Morton Place (note: time-sensitive)

Here’s six ways you can help our neighborhood in the upcoming weeks:

1. Fall cleanup including the ‘Storm Drain Dream Team’ – details here:

2. Oct 28: Sign up for ‘Dinner Around the World’ at Joy of All Who Sorry Sunday (the 28th) – details here:

3. Oct 31: Halloween Pizza in the Park, details here:

4. Nov 2: Epilogue Players fundraiser and ‘night out’, details here:

5. Nov 5: HMPA member meeting at 7 at Joy of All Who Sorrow – agenda to follow but always a good chance to say ‘hi’ to neighbors

6. You really need a sixth? Please pick from items 1 to 5 above:)

More updates will be posted on our calendar and on Facebook, Nextdoor, etc! We hope to see you at some (or all?) of these events!