take 2 minutes and send an email to help rethink 65/70

If you want to help get INDOT to rethink and improve on the current design, please copy and paste the text below and send to info@northsplit.com. Sorry for the short notice, but this has to be done today. Thanks in advance!

Please capture the Rethink Coalition’s guiding principles for reconstruction of the North Split in a way that will set the stage for progressive, forward thinking construction of the north, east, and south legs of I-65/70 through downtown Indianapolis, specifically:

1. No above grade walls

2. No expansion of the existing number of through lanes

3. Increased connectivity of neighborhoods and areas of commerce divided by the interstates

4. Increased opportunities for inclusive economic development along the path of the interstates

INDOT’s preferred alternative 4c takes steps toward these goals, but still widens the footprint of the interstate’s north leg through portions of a historic neighborhood, further cutting off a densely populated and vibrant area from the downtown core. INDOT’s preferred alternative 4c eliminates some connections between I-65 and I-70 and local streets which will add even more congestion to the remaining exits and entrances to the interstates especially at peak periods. We encourage INDOT to adopt the design presented in the joint Rethink Coalition/Arup Report which calls for depressing the I-65 and I-70 with local destination traffic being separated from freeway-to-freeway traffic to better connect with the local street grid. The reconstruction of the North Split should be largely depressed below grade to allow for the more efficient reconstruction of depressed legs of I-65 on the north leg, I-65/I-70 on the east leg, and I-70 on the south leg of the Inner Loop. INDOT’s preferred alternative design does not address in adequate detail the economic development impact/potential of interstate right-of-way space in designated project areas. We encourage INDOT to adopt the design presented in the joint Rethink Coalition/Arup Report, which yields acres of new land for massive urban inclusive economic development. INDOT’s segmented approach to reconstruction of the interstate precludes an integrated approach to the project that can fuel real urban progress in a way that sets an inspiring example of urban design and execution. We would like to see INDOT extend the first phase project boundary to at least include the West Street intersection and north interchange between I-65 and I-70.