Please RSVP and attend rethink 65/70 meeting

Sorry for the late notice but we NEED volunteers to simply attend a meeting Thursday (June 7) at 5:30pm in the City County Building (room 260). Please RSVP if you can attend.

Here’s some additional info: The HUNI Coalition is giving the Rethink 65-70 presentation to the City Council – Public Works Committee on Thursday, June 7, 5:30pm, Room 260, City County Bldg.

HUNI is asking for 10 people from your neighborhood to show up to let the Council know that the 65-70 project is important to us! We need bodies to show support and our interest.
If INDOT pushes forward with their initial plan, it will devastate our neighborhoods. This is one time people should make every effort to show up! This is integral to our conversations with the City and getting them to take a more active role.

What we all want, is an in-depth, comprehensive, community-wide study implemented with INDOT, City of Indianapolis, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization at the table. It requires high level, expert analysis to direct us to best options.

This is an interesting piece of information…
“The downward pressure a freeway exerts on the value of adjacent land further reduces tax revenues. The building of I-65/70 in Indianapolis, IN produced a staggering downward push on real estate values adjacent to the interstate, with one estimate showing a loss of $99 million in real estate value for a single mile of freeway analyzed in downtown Indianapolis.”

Please RSVP if you can attend at one or both of these links: