Please click if interested in neighborhood cleanup!

Interested in the neighborhood cleanup? If so please click here for NextDoor or click here to RSVP on Facebook.

Meet at the Herron Morton Place Park on April 7th at 19th and Alabama at 8:45am for breakfast items (including free Tinker Street Coffee from Foundry Provisions) and distributing KIBI plastic bags and lend out some HMP owned tools if you need them (sign out sheet will be used to ensure return of HMP owned tools). In general we recommend you provide your own tools, bags and work gloves if possible. Packer garbage truck (the human powered ones) will roam the streets to collect garbage bags so you can leave them where you fill them on the sidewalks. Please remember people have to be able to lift these bags into the back of the garbage truck. Typically the garbage trucks start 12pm at 22nd and Central and zigzag through HMP on their way towards Pennsylvania and 16th. It can take 3 hours to zigzag to 16th and Pennsylvania depending on the number of bags to be collected. Herron Young Life are also participating this year so we expect the garbage bag pickup to take longer as they tend to bag a lot of garbage for us.