November HMPA General Membership Meeting Minutes

Herron-Morton Place Association November Meeting Minues


7:00 call to order

Committee reports


The committee is recruiting block leaders to lead sections, in charge of signing up people for block watch. Jeanne has been soliciting members for that, goal to have 15 active block leaders by January.


Tree removal paid. No other outstanding payments.


Craig Stasila is point on this.

Statement to assoc—be mindful about what you post on, and keep in mind that you are representing yourself and the neighborhood. For statements on behalf of the neighborhood, please go through president and association board members.


The board will give a full report at next meeting. Board voted on change to membership, enabling acceptance of paypal payments for membership dues. Board discussed being able to sign up for recurring payments/auto enroll.

The motion associated with this issue has been tabled until a later meeting.


25 people attended fall clean up. 2 projects: banner project, working with city to get banners approved, getting info up on website, grant for design of banners, waiting on IHPC’s approval; potential matching grant for installation; bump outs on Alabama street bump outs- able to purchase day lilies next to foundry, foundry donated planting labor and maintenance. Thanks to Mark Nottingham and Kimmie Burton.

-Jonathan Chumley recommends working around through David Baker.


Social network promotion.

-February 21 is the progressive dinner date. Those interested in hosting a course, see Haley Glover.

Land use

Lots of development in historic neighborhoods right now. 2 hearings in November.

-2 motions *support fcp, king park, negotiation with gas station at 22nd and Delaware, found that owner proceeded without proper variances, ask for improvements, including fence on north side, wall, plantings, remove one of two Delaware entrances, reconfigure parking, commit to carrying basic foodstuffs, less signage, outdoor sales prohibited except propane and ice.

-Motion approved unanimously

The land use committee asked the association to approve various motions which are supported by the committee at the following addresses:

1933 Talbott, new home

1815 Alabama, rear portion 5 foot addition

212 e 16th street, tinker street coffee company, roaster, minimal customers. Zoned residential in green

1826 Alabama – opposed, moving plans back a month, garage.

1813 Penn- new home, changed plans to detach garage.

-Motion passed unanimously

Apartment house proposed for 1854 Delaware, applicant is resident of neighborhood, wants to move quickly, moved to a 2 unit plan, plus plans for carriage house down the road. Pending committee decision.

Children and family

Great night for Halloween at the park, well attended despite weather.


Halloween, marathon, announcement about progressive dinner. High school isn’t reliable, now trying to find block captains to deliver.


Good turnout at Oktoberfest, good level of sponsorships. Good prospects for board membership this year.


New business

Lauren Comstock is transitioning off board. Thank you for past service. One new position on board, if anyone is interested, please contact Craig Stasila.

Next meeting, December 1, 7:00.