Carpenter-BuilderSometimes referred to as the Bracketed or Italian Villa style, this was one of the most popular of the nineteenth century. Publications such as those of Andrew Jackson Downing showed plans, elevations and details of Italianate residences and were widely circulated. Wilbur Peat wrote of this style…."It was informal without being ostentatious; it could adapt itself to American methods of living, in cities or country." (Indiana Houses of the Nineteenth Century, p. 118).


  • Prominent, highly ornamental entablatures supported by brackets, often small (oval) frieze windows.
  • Hipped roofs with shallow pitch.
  • Verandas or loggias topped with balustraded balconies.
  • Strong, cubistic massing.
  • Windows are often grouped in pairs or threes with round arches.
  • Lintels or decorative window pediments.

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