Carpenter-BuilderThe American Foursquare was an extremely popular house. Its box-like shape and hipped roof provided ample room at an economical cost. Stylistically, it shares influences from both the Craftsman and Prairie styles. One of its popular aspects with builders was its adaptability. A Palladian window in the dormer could justify advertising the house as "Colonial styling." A shingle and fieldstone porch could qualify its being called "Artistic." A "Prairie Style" house could be claimed by extending eaves, stretching the porch and using stucco on the exterior.


  • A nearly square plan and a two-storied, box-like shape.
  • Ample hipped roof, usually with a single hipped dormer in the front.
  • Wide eaves.
  • A front porch extending across the full front of the house.
  • Decorative trim is simple.
  • Windows, eave lines, trim and porches emphasize horizontal structure.

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