Approval is not required for painting existing buildings. Staff approval is required for paint colors on new construction. An exemption to paint colors and painting is available to qualifying low-moderate income homeowners (owner-occupants).


  • Remove all loose paint and clean the surface before repainting. It is not necessary to remove all old paint as long as it is firmly fixed to the surface.
  • Paint colors are essentially a personal choice. They are reversible, have no permanent effect and have usually changed many times throughout the history of a building. There are two general approaches which are appropriate for selecting a color scheme.
  • Identify through research the original colors and repaint with matching colors. Previous paint colors can be found by scraping through paint layers with a knife, analyzing the paint in the laboratory, or finding hidden areas which were never repainted.
  • Repaint with colors commonly in use at the time the building was built.
  • Consider using different shades of the same color when variation in color is desired but there is a danger of the color scheme becoming too busy.


  • Avoid monochromatic (single color) schemes on buildings which originally had vibrant, multiple and contrasting colors.
  • Avoid highly polychromatic (multi-color) schemes on buildings which were originally painted with restraint and simplicity.

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