MATERIALS: The visual, structural, and performance characteristics of the materials visible on a building exterior.


  • The dimensions, textures and patterns of building materials should not conflict with those found on historic buildings in the area. This can often be accomplished with some flexibility since building materials, if used within basic guidelines, have less impact on visual compatibility than larger scale visual elements.
  • Natural materials are encouraged although modern materials may be considered provided they appear and perform like natural materials.


  • Avoid the application of salvaged brick, old clapboard siding, barnsiding or any other recycled materials on the exterior of new construction. The use of new compatible material is preferable.
  • The use of brick as the primary material on a building should be avoided when its use will result in a significant alteration of the traditional relationship of brick to wood buildings in an area. The most common material used for siding in Herron-Morton Place is wood although brick and stucco are occasionally used. New construction should reflect this historic distribution of building material.

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