This material is presented for informational purposes only. Herron-Morton Place holds no liability for inaccuracies that may be contained herein. Individuals are urged to contact the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission for complete guidelines as may apply to your project.


Primary Structures:

The purpose of these guidelines is to present concepts, alternatives, and approaches which will produce design solutions that recognize the characteristics of, and bring harmony between, new and existing building in Herron-Morton Place. The guidelines are not meant to restrict creativity, but rather to set up a framework within which sympathetic design will occur. It should be noted that within an appropriate framework there can be many different design solutions which may be appropriate. While guidelines can create an acceptable framework, they cannot insure any particular result and consequently people may hold a wide range of opinions about the resultant designs since they are largely a factor of the designer’s ability.

New construction should reflect the design trends and concepts of the period in which it is created. New structures should be in harmony with the old and at the same time be distinguishable from the old so the evolution of Herron-Morton Place can be interpreted properly.

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