This material is presented for informational purposes only. Herron-Morton Place holds no liability for inaccuracies that may be contained herein. Individuals are urged to contact the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission for complete guidelines as may apply to your project.

Only in extreme cases can demolition of any historically and/or architecturally important building in Herron-Morton Place be justified. The fact that so many historic buildings have already been demolished makes the remaining buildings all the more valuable. Just as important as the finest and most impressive buildings are the typical and background buildings who demolition would create damaging gaps in the neighborhood fabric.

On a different scale is the demolition of portions of buildings. If done without forethought, such action could have disastrous effects on the architectural integrity of the building and destroy continuity along the streets.

There may be instances when demolition might be considered. The following guidelines are intended to assist in determining whether or not demolition is justified.

Demolition is not permitted if the building is of historic or architectural significance or displays a quality of material and craftsmanship that does not exist in other structures in the area.

Demolition is not permitted if the building contributes to the neighborhood and the general street’s appearance and has an effect on other buildings in the area, unless one of the following criteria is met.

Potential for Restoration
Demolition may be considered if the building is beyond all feasible economic repair as determined by the Commission and/or consultants it wishes to employ.

Demolition may be considered if the condition of the building or portion thereof is such that an immediate threat to health and safety exists.

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