In recent months, Urban Times has received numerous photographic contributions for the neighborhood pages that are not – from an electronic standpoint – suitable for publication.

In short, the electronic files in question are not high-quality enough for our use. The printing process requires substantially bigger files than those used for websites or easy e-mailing. In fact, any artwork small enough for website use is by its very nature too small for our use.

A further explanation is complicated, but we recommend these guidelines if you want to submit photos for use in the newsletter:

  • Your camera should be set at the highest, or second-highest, settings in terms of both “Image Size” and “Image Quality” (unless that highest setting is “Raw,” which should not be used).
  • You can change both settings through the “Menu” button. Settings vary by camera.

Note: Changing these settings will dramatically reduce the number of images you can store on your memory card.

  • If you have software which allows you to change the size of your photos, DO NOT do so before sending the artwork to Urban Times. We need the largest possible image file to allow us to properly size the photos for our use.
  • Also, DO NOT place your photograph in a Word document. Only original artwork files (jpg or tiff) can be used.

One tip: If, when you are attaching the electronic file to your email, you see that the file is smaller than about 300 kbs (kilobytes), you should be concerned that the file may be too small for our use. Go ahead and send the image; we will ascertain whether it can be used and notify you of the situation. If the electronic file is smaller than 100 kbs, it is most certainly too small for our use.

Let me know if you want more information. Following these guidelines will help us produce the best-possible newsletter for your neighborhood. Thanks.

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