Notable Former Residents of Herron-Morton Place:

The Board of public works approved the plat of Morton Place on December 23, 1891 on the land that had been occupied by the Indiana State Fair & Exposition. “Morton Place” was the brainchild of three Indianapolis businessmen, Edward F. Claypool, Elijah Bishop Martindale and Willard W. Hubbard.

Elijah Bishop Martindale – Born August 22, 1828 in Wayne County, Indiana, he was the son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Boyd) Martindale. Though originally apprenticed to learn the trade of a saddler, he found that he was not suited to that endeavor and pursued a career in law. After years practicing as an attorney throughout the state of Indiana, and a brief stint as a judge of the Common Pleas Court (a position to which he was appointed by Governor Oliver Morton), Mr. Martindale was elected to the state senate. In 1875, he became the proprietor of the Indianapolis Journal, the leading Republican publication in Indiana. In 1880, he sold the Journal to the Honorable John C. New. Subsequent years were devoted to a stint as President of American Central Life Insurance Company and development of Indianapolis real estate. “He has made more than twenty additions to the city, aggregating nearly one thousand acres of land, and more than fifty of the leading streets of the city bear names given them by him. The additions he has made to the city are largely in excess of its original area. The Martindale addition on North Delaware and Pennsylvania streets is now the center of the best resident portion of the city, while Morton place and Lincoln Park are really a wonder in growth and beauty.” Mr. Martindale died February 28, 1910 at his home on North Meridian Street.

Edward Fay Claypool was born March 17, 1832 in Connersville, Indiana and moved to Indianapolis in 1873. Best known as the namesake and organizer of the Claypool Hotel, built in 1904 and formerly located on the northwest corner of Washington and Illinois Streets, where previously stood the Bates House Hotel. Mr. Claypool was a capitalist, banker—vice president of the First National Bank of Indianapolis for a time—and investor and key player in the company that built the Belt Railroad in Indianapolis. Mr. Claypool died of pneumonia on 24 February 1911.

Willard W. Hubbard was born in Delphi, Indiana on August 5, 1854. He graduated from Butler College and made Indianapolis his permanent home in 1884. He was secretary and treasurer of Island Coal Company and President of Linton Supply Company, another Coal Company based in Greene County, Indiana.

Other Notable Former Residents of Herron-Morton Place:

  • T.C. Steele
  • J. Ottis Adams
  • Julia Graydon Sharpe
  • Virginia Keep
  • Otto Stark
  • Ruth Pratt Bobbs
  • Samuel Ralston- governor and U.S. Senator
  • Albert J. Beveridge- U.S. Senator
  • John W. Kern- U.S. Senator and Vice-Presidential nominee
  • Alonzo G. Smith- Indiana State Attorney General
  • James Bingham- Indiana State Attorney General
  • Frank Fishback- Marion County Treasurer
  • Dr. Willis Gatch- inventor of the first adjustable hospital bed
  • Dr. William Niles Wishard- namesake of Wishard Memorial
  • Dr. John F. Barnhill- Drive in front of Riley Hospital named for him
  • Dr. Joseph C. Alexander- involved with a scandal in 1903 involving grave robbing
  • Otto Stark
  • Ruth Pratt Bobbs
Businessmen/ Other:
  • Gustave Efroymson- President of the H.P. Wasson Co.
  • William H. Block- President of William H. Block & Co.
  • William C. Bobbs- President Bobbs-Merrill Publishing
  • Charles M. Malott- President Indianapolis Paint & Color Co.
  • Julius C. Walk- President Julius C. Walk & Son Jewelry
  • J. C. Sipe- President J. C. Sipe Jewelers
  • George W. Bliss- Bliss, Swain, & Co.
  • Sol Meyer- President Meyer-Kiser Bank, owner of Indianapolis Baseball Club
  • Evans Woolen- Founder Fletcher Trust Company
  • Herbert Foltz- Architect

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