Meeting tonight (feb 5) at Cannon Ball Brewing Company!

Hi Neighbors! Our February Herron-Morton Place Association meeting will be TONIGHT (Monday, February 5th) at 7:00 p.m. at the Cannon Ball Brewing Company at 1702 Bellefontaine Street.

Here is the current agenda:

I. Welcome

II. Steve Talley, IMPD Representative

III. Robin Knop, Indianapolis Classical Schools Representative

IV. Sheryl Crum, Health Department Representative

V. Ruth Morales, Neighborhood Advocate

VI. Mark Nottingham – Nottingham Realty

VII. Amy DiStaulo – Kennedy King Memorial Initiative

VIII. Announcements & Committee Updates:

HUNI Annual meeting

• Budget & Finance – Ruth O’Nell
o Treasurer’s Report – Ruth O’Nell
• Grievance – Katherine Carlton Robinson
• Safety & Crime Prevention – Jimmy Campbell
• Membership – James Laker
• Beautification & Clean-Up – Sandra McGuinness
• Land Use & Historic Preservation – Jonathan Chumley
• Publicity – Dave Hacker
• Urban Times – Ruth O’Nell
• Children & Families – Carrie Furin
• Art Fair – Katherine Carlton Robinson
• Special Committees:
o Progressive Dinner
o Rebranding
o Diversity

IX. Possible Endowment Contribution – Russ Newton

X. Walk-In Items

XI. Next Meeting – March 5, 2018 – Joy of All Who Sorrow