HMPA General Meeting Minutes – May 2, 2015


Meeting called to order by Jeanne Pontious, Vice President, at 7:07 p.m.

Marion County Public Health

* Not present

Crime Watch

* Call the police if you see something suspicious.

* Police coverage for a near eastside area went down, but crime rates also went down. Calls to 911 went up. It’s up to all of us to keep an eye out and call 911 if we see something suspicious.

* Block Leader Update

o Someone on every block to help coordinate, plan, and lead activities or events such as cleanups

Financial and Budget

* Not present. We have money in the bank and no outstanding debts.


* HMPA is currently up to 74 members. There could be more through online memberships.

Clean up and Beautification

* The most pressing issue is the curb bump-outs at 16th and Alabama and 16th and Delaware. We have funds to do additional plantings. Foundry Provisions is going to help with the 16th and Alabama bump-out, but we need help with the 16th and Delaware bump-out. The east side of this bump-out is the focus as it is not as impacted by vehicles. Vehicles tend to hit or run through the west side of this bump-out.


* Not present.

Art Fair

* Not present. We may have a cleanup before the Art Fair.

* We’re looking for volunteers for the lemonade, water, and publicity stands and for cleanup during and after the fair.

Land Use and Historic Preservation

* Permits for the gas station at 16th and Central were granted. The developer had already applied for the building permit prior to the gas station moratorium going into effect. Janelle believes the gas station’s CLA is valid through August of this year and is trying to find out more information.

Children and Families

* Not present.


* Not present. Lauren is looking for and appreciates any article and/or photograph submissions.


* Joint association and foundation board meeting was held on Thursday, 4/23.

* Two sub-committees were formed to look into:

o The two vacant lots owned by the association and their possible usage and sale.

o Unifying the association and foundation, and promoting and planning events together rather than separately.

Old Business

* An opening on the board is available. Talk to a board member if you are interested in getting involved.

New Business

* Kroger announced plans to expand and remodel many store locations. The nearest Kroger at 16th and Central was not mentioned in the article about Kroger’s plans. A petition is circulating on Next Door that you can sign to express interest to have this Kroger location included in the expansion/remodel plans.

* An ordinance has been created to convert a few static billboards into digital ones within the I-465 perimeter in exchange for removing a few existing billboards. Historic Urban Neighborhoods Initiative (HUNI) is organizing an opposition to the billboard ordinance. Two petitions are being considered, one to oppose the billboard ordinance and another for the city-county council chairperson, Leroy Robinson, of the committee to recuse himself from the vote.

* There has been some interest in having a neighborhood yard sale. We can advertise for free on Craig’s List and Next Door. An ad could be placed in the Indianapolis Star for ~$100.

* Rosie Sims lives at 18th and Delaware. She has received 5 cards in the mail recently indicating interest in buying her home. She recently cut down some bushes and had her grandson put them in the back for the trash service to pick up. She received a letter from the city about the debris which cited a potential $2000 fine if not resolved. She is offended by the unsolicited communications regarding her home and that someone may have reported the temporary landscaping debris. Other members commented they have received mailings indicating interest in buying their property. The name of our Health & Hospital contact was provided to this neighbor so that she can follow-up on the city’s letter.

Meeting adjourned by Jeanne Pontious, Vice President, at 8:14 p.m.