HMPA General Meeting Minutes, January 4, 2016

Herron-Morton Place Association General Meeting
January 6, 2016

Location: Joy of All Who Sorrow Church, 1516 N. Delaware Street
Board Members Present: Carrie Furin, Geoffrey Furin, Jeanne Pontious, Katherine Carlton Robinson, Lauren Comstock, Scott Longere, Russ Newton, Craig Stasila
General Members Present: David Mannell, Andy Moser, William Wolber, Sandra McGuiness, Alexander Polozoff, Kate Tuttle
Call to Order: 7:10 PM (Carrie Furin, President)


I. Committee Updates

  • Treasurer’s Report (Geoffrey Furin)
    • $21,472 current balance
  • Progressive Dinner on February 27 (Carrie Furin & Craig Stasila)
    • Members get in free, nonmembers pay $10 (or use to join the Association)
    • Still looking for people to host
  • Land Use Committee Updates (Katherine Carlton Robinson)
    • Highlights from October Meeting:
      • 2 requests from homeowners to create enclosed space connecting carriage house to home, which the Committee did not support
      • Updates being made by R&B Architects to apartments at 2164 Delaware, including new windows and back porch
      • Updates being made by R & B architects to porches at 2135 and 2139 N. Talbott Street, and new house being built by R&B at 2131 N. Talbott
      • New home at 2039 N. Delaware, in line with surrounding new homes in that block
    • At August meeting, also heard about and voted to support project at Southwest corner of 22nd & Alabama to build 4 duplexes (8 units total)
  • Indiana Landmarks Tour (Katherine Carlton Robinson)
    • Indiana Landmarks and Herron-Morton Place are hosting walking tours of Herron-Morton the evening of May 12, 2016
    • The tours will focus on the theme of preservation efforts in the neighborhood
    • There will be four tour groups with up to 25 people in each group
    • Tours will be 90 minutes, and will end with a “behind the scenes” tour of Herron High School (tentatively committed, but still waiting for confirmation)

II. Health Department Report (Kristen Lien)

  • 2025 New Jersey
    • Complaint about hole in roof
    • Issued orders May 2014 and they stopped attending hearings so they have a warrant
  • 2130 Central – Family Dollar
    • Reached agreement with them to stay in compliance and they’ve kept their trash in line
  • 1702 Alabama
    • New owners, so re-issued orders to the new owners
    • Nothing has been done yet but they have plans
  • 2016 New Jersey
    • Complaint in April regarding faucets and turrets
    • No progress has been made, so Court date set for March 1
  • 1633 New Jersey
    • Complaint regarding no siding and hanging wires
    • Undergoing construction, so no orders issued right now
  • 1634 Alabama
    • Received a few complaints because back yard torn up, but they’re in the process of building a new carriage house

III. Insurance for the Board (Carrie Furin)

  • Have had liability insurance for the Board in the past with Fox, but didn’t renew because the price went up (50% increase from previous cost)
    • Wanted to do due diligence and make sure they were competitive, and they were
  • Motion to Renew Insurance with Fox: Geoffrey Furin
    • Second: Bill Wolber
    • All in favor: Unanimous approval
    • Discussion:
      • Will pro rate and then make a budget item in the next year
    • Motion carried

IV. Selling of the lot at 18th & Penn (Carrie Furin)

  • Have spoken with Tom Foreman about Art Fair concerns, and they are working to find alternative parking for artists and craftsmen
  • Would vote on the use of the money at a later date, currently we are only deciding whether or not to sell
  • Discussion:
    • If sold, the money would be invested until we could vote on how to spend
    • How do we know that the buyer will actually build on it?
      • No real way to control who buys it
      • When it’s time to sell, could ask the realtor to be discerning on who it’s sold to, and we don’t have to sell to just anyone
      • Can ask people about what their intentions are
      • Whoever bought it would still have to work with us (Land Use Committee) and IHPC to get plans approved
    • Would the Association see the stipulations we would put on the selling?
      • Likely not – once there is a vote to sell, it would be in the Board’s hands
    • More transparent if we involved a realtor rather than sell by owner
  • Motion to Sell the Lot: Geoffrey Furin
    • Further Discussion:
      • Does the vote include price stipulations or covenants?
        • Price: in alignment with market at time property goes on the market
      • Timetable for selling: late Winter/Spring
      • Potential realtors: We received estimates from Nottingham & Berkshire Hathaway
    • Second: David Mannell
    • All in Favor: Unanimous approval, but Scott Longere abstained from voting
      • 5 “yes” votes also sent to Carrie Furin by proxy email
    • Motion carried

V. Miscellaneous Items

  • Will there be a Herron-Morton clean-up?
    • Will not have a Fall clean-up; we will wait until the Spring before the Art Fair (Art Fair is second weekend in June, so we’ll have the clean-up the first weekend in June)
      • In past years, have also requested street sweeping for Talbott Street

End Time:  7:48 PM