HMPA General Meeting Minutes, February 2, 2015

Herron-Morton Place General Meeting
February 2, 2015

City Liaison Reports

Public Health: Burnt garage at 1728 Delaware, department will issue orders to get that taken care of.

Committee Reports

Crime Prevention: held a meeting a couple weeks back. Working on developing a job description for block captain. Also trying to develop good neighbor guide. Anyone interested in being a block captain reach out.

Financial and Budget: CD balance is $12,575, and checking is $9,570. No new expenses in last month.

Grievance: No grievances.

Membership: We are currently at 56 neighbors. Please tell others about HMPA, and encourage them to join.

Beautification: Next clean-up day is april 25 as part of next great American clean up. We’d also like to remind people to please shovel after it snows.

Publicity: Progressive Dinner is February 21. Host homes are lined up. Looking for dishes to pass. Non-members will pay $10 this year.

Art Fair: Haley and Craig will talk with Tom Forman before next meeting

Land Use: New house at 1621 Alabama, similar style. The committee supported that plan. Will go to IHPC very soon.

Children and Families: we are offering childcare at HMPA meetings. Please RSVP so we can know how many kids will be there. Carrie was contacted by Felicia regarding Easter egg hunt. Will determine date very quickly

Newsletter: anything in newsletter, contact Lauren Comstock.

Foundation: Chad Ahren is taking over as President. Great project in 2014 with the banners which received a match from the Harrison Center. The Annual Meeting is February 18 at Shoefly, 7:00. First 50 there get a Sun King gift card, and re-upping members will receive an Oktoberfest shirt and pint glass. Communicate accomplishment for the year. Memberships are general: $25. Events membership: $75, platinum: $150.

Old business: board position is available. Please contact Craig for interest.

New business: public meeting regarding air quality, Feb 15 at Manual HS.