Herron-Morton Place Spring Cleanup 2017

Calling all HMP neighbors!

Please help us make Herron-Morton Place the greatest neighborhood in the city by joining us for the Great Indy Cleanup. As in years past, we will meet at the Herron-Morton Place Park at 9am, April 8th. From there we will disperse throughout the neighborhood. If you have kids, get them to come along! This is a wonderful opportunity for them to really be a part of the community spirit that makes HMP a great place to live!

Please sign up on the events calendar on Nextdoor.com (requires login)

If you can’t make it to the cleanup event, please clean up before April 8th and leave your trash bags at the curb for pickup. Please make sure trash bags aren’t too heavy.

We’ll meet up at the park at 1927 N Alabama for free coffee and light breakfast snacks. At the park, you can also pick up trash bags, gloves, and tools. If you have your own tools and gloves, you can bring those. If you have a straight-edge shovel, please bring it along as they are really handy when it comes to removing garbage and dirt next to the curb. If you can’t make it to the park, or don’t have much time – every little helps! Please do what you can!