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Outlined below, are the meeting minutes for each Herron-Morton Place Association General Membership Meeting. The meeting minutes are not posted on the website until they are officially approved by the general membership at the following month’s HMPA general membership meeting.

We would like to post the approved meeting minutes from all HMPA general membership meetings that have occurred since the HMP Association’s formulation in 1976, to serve as a digital archive. If you have hard or digital copies of these old meeting minutes, please contact a member of the HMPA board.

HMPA General Meeting Minutes, November 2, 2015

Date: November 2, 2015
Location:  Joy of All Who Sorrow Church, 1516 N. Delaware Street
Board Members Present:  Carrie Furin, Geoff Furin, Russ Newton, Jeanne Pontious, Katherine Carlton Robinson, Lauren Comstock, Shawn Roode
General Members Present: Sandra McGuinness, Alex Polozoff, Joseph Graly, Rebekah Buckner, Gloria O’Shell, robin Bankhead, Father Stevan Bauman, William Wolber, Matt Robinson, David Mannell
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