Herron-Morton Place Association – Membership

Your membership shows your support of the neighborhood, allows you to vote at meetings, and offers opportunities to get involved.

Finally, (and most importantly?) a $10/year membership gets you FREE admission to our annual progressive dinner!

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Cancel anytime! Membership dues are $10 per voting member.  According to HMP Association by-laws, qualifications are as follows:

  • They shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • They shall be:
    1. A resident of the Herron-Morton Place or
    2. An owner of property or a business in Herron-Morton Place. The owner of a business in Herron-Morton Place may appoint one employee to act as that owner’s representative at meetings of members.

Membership dues can be paid on line using the link above or you may fill out the Herron-Morton Place Association Membership form, attached below, and bring it along with your payment, to one of our general membership meetings. You may also mail these items to:

Herron-Morton Place Association
P.O. Box 44166
Indianapolis, IN 46244

In order to vote in a general membership meeting your dues must have been postmarked or paid to an HMP Association board member at least 15 days in advance of the meeting.