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Below you’ll find names of volunteers of both the HMP association and the HMP foundation, more non-HMP links found here.

Foundation Board Members:

Michael Krautkramer 
Foundation President
Elliott Lushin
Vice President
Bret Wolfe
Clay Manship
Elise Bowling
Amanda Spicer
Darcie Kornmeyer
Haley Glover
Brooke Vogelsmeier
Lakisha Smith

Association Board Members and Committee Leads:

Fr. Stevan Bauman
Association President
Secretary –
Ruth O’Nell
Interim Treasurer
Alex Liby – Publicity Lead and Liaison to Foundation
Eric Adams – Safety Lead and Land Use Lead
Committee Leads:
Social – Carol Egan and Karen Stephens
Membership – Tony Shuler & Anne Waskom
Diversity – Sheila Dollaske & Kelly de Waal
Talbot St Art Fair- Anne Waskom and Tammy Shuler
Land Use and Historic Preservation – Jonathan Chumley & Eric Adams
Beautification –
Urban Times Delivery Team – Brendan Norton
Newsletter Submissions – Ruth O’Nell

Special Committees:

Public Records, History – Susan Wakefield, Jeanne Pontious, Fr. Stevan Bauman
HMP Housing Inventory Project, IHPC Green Book, – Katherine Carlton Robinson