September 2012 – Annual Meeting

HMPA General Membership Meeting Minutes: September 10, 2012 HMPA General Meeting Minutes September 10, 2012

HMPA Board Members Present: Brian Larson, Kitti Drake, Michael Lusk, Janelle Renschler and Heather
President Brian Larson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm in the Joy of All Who Sorrow Church.
Approximately 21 neighbors and guests were present.

Review of Minutes

Minutes to HMPA General Meetings will be posted to HMP website,
Neighbors are encouraged to review the minutes from past meetings there.

External Reports

Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison: Paul Ross: 327-5664
No Updates
Health and Hospital: Sheryl Crum provided the H&H report.
Nicole O’Sullivan: 221-2144
Sheryl Crum: 221-2187
Sheryl reviewed the H&H report since Nicole was on vacation.
Guests: Craig Mariutto: Opening a pub @122 E. 22nd, Shoefly Public House. The Menu will feature upscale
pub food and have a family friendly area with the potential to expand in the area.
Committee Reports
Public Safety and Crime: Victoria Rutt,
Brian discussed the recent burglaries in the neighborhood and reminded neighbors to be vigilant.
Membership: Mike Lusk reported that HMP ended the year with 141 members, we currently have 38
members. Membership dues for 2012/2012 are due now and will be $10 per person, payable by cash,
check or pay-pal through the website.
Finance: Mike Lusk discussed the budget and reported that in the current years budget HMP will not
have any spare money. The budget is available to members upon request.
Clean-up/Beautification: Board liaisons: Janelle Renschler and Brian Larson
Janelle gave an update on the neighborhood clean up. She reported that it went well and that many
Children and Family: Ryan Smith: No Update
Foundation: Jonathon Chumley (HMPF President) reported that over 300 people attended the tour
and over $2500 was raised for the park. According to a survey, guests ranked this as one of the
best home tours they attended. Lindsey Larson and Missy Berg passed out popsicles to solicit
volunteers for Octoberfest.
Publicity: Heather Woods: No Updates
Website: Mike Lusk will to update the website.
Newsletter: Submit articles to Hailey Glover,
Land Use: Jonathan Chumley gave a follow up on Shoefly Pub. Land use voted to support the
Pub. Someone is also proposing another restaurant called Sisters Barbecue @16th and New Jersey.
Land use had some concerns about a walk up window, which owners agreed to do away with. The
parking lot with be routed so traffic will enter off 16th St. and exit on New Jersey. There were also
concerns about outdoor grilling, but tenants were able to address this. The restaurant will feature
“southern comfort food.” Land use voted to support this with contingencies.
David Chavarria – sold the house 1827 N. Alabama and 1802 N. Jersey. Concentrating on 1621 N.
Jersey and the condos at 17th and Alabama.
Old Business: None
New Business:
Elections for 2012/2013 board: Billy Brooks and Amy Smith volunteered to be board members. Mike
Lusk motioned to vote the new members in and Jonathan Chumley 2nd.
Bill Woebler motioned to adjourn at 7:47 at Mike Lusk 2nd.